The ball throwing poop scoop

The ball thrower and poop scoop for dogs. It’s easy to use and compact to carry.
You’ll never want to take your dog out without one!

Squeeze it

To open dogget so you can pick up a ball or scoop poop, squeeze the sides of the slot on the razed finger pads. Releasing allows it to close with a scooping action.

Bag it

Remove the ball and get a bag from the handle. While squeezing, insert the bag with the ends pulled back down the outside of your hand. Now there's no chance of getting poop on you, or your dogget.

Carry it

With the poop scooped and your dogget closed, twist the end of the bag to seal, and tuck into the slot. Now you don't have to hold a full bag while looking for a bin.

Toss it

When you have trashed any stash, it just takes a quick squeeze to pick up the ball, and a good flick to throw.

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Australian Orders
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  • A Tennis Ball
  • A Roll of Biodegradable Waste Bags
  • A Great Little Pooper Scooper
  • A Fun Dog Ball Launcher
  • A New Desire To Take Your Dog for a Walk

"The best pet product ever!! Even if my dog didn't chase balls I'd have one, because it's the best portable poop scoop around. "

- Hugo


I’m squeezing but it doesn’t open!

People sometimes make the mistake of squeezing too close to the handle. Squeeze near the slot on the raised finger pads, it works every time.

What’s the best way to scoop?

Approaching directly down, the same way you would pickup a ball, works best. Its unique geometry means any downward pressure forces the mouth to close with a scooping action, then a quick tip to the side to hold everything in.

Won’t I get poop on the scoop?

No, the idea is that you place a dog waste bag into your dogget when you are scooping, that way there's no chance of getting poop on you, or your dogget.

Where do I put the ball when I’m carrying poop?

Once you've sealed the end of the bag, there'll be room in dogget for a ball and a full bag, or maybe just ask Fido to carry it for a bit.

What happens if it does get dirty?

Just wash under a garden tap or use warm soapy water. Not hot water and definitely not in the dishwasher.

What happens when I run out of bags?

You can unscrew the handle to replace with any standard roll of dog waste bags.

I lost the ball.

Unlike some ball throwers dogget will throw a range of balls sizes and any tennis ball, so finding a replacement shouldn’t be a problem.

Won’t I end up throwing poop?

If you really can’t remember if you’ve trashed your stash, dogget is slightly translucent so you can see if there is anything in it.